Helidon Website UX / UI

Helidon Framework Website Design UX/UI



Helidon.io provides information about the Helidon framework, a set of Java libraries for building microservices. The website has a modern design with a clean layout and simple color scheme. The homepage features a banner image of a cityscape with the Helidon logo. The top navigation bar includes links to different sections, such as "Getting Started," "Documentation," and "Community," and a search bar for easy navigation. The main content is divided into sections that provide an overview of the Helidon framework, its features and benefits, and links to resources for getting started.

The website

The Helidon.io website showcases a modern and minimalistic design with a clean layout and simple color scheme. Its use of graphics and illustrations to explain complex concepts makes the content engaging and accessible. The website's UI design and UX effectively communicate essential information about the Helidon framework to developers interested in microservic